Thursday, January 14, 2010

We've been very busy lately...  We have sculptures promised for this spring, are involved in another independent film, and have been playing music like, well, musicians.
We thought we would like to send kudos out to our bestest friend Olga, and show you a photo of her new gallery/bistro here in Coudersport, PA.  The gift shop part of the gallery is as amazing as the art gallery upstairs.  (It's worth a visit just to see how beautifully the walls are painted.)  We are hoping the community embraces this new hot spot and it is an enormous success!
This photo shows Eppie playing with Jakob's Hollow and we both were proud to host the first concert there as Freakish Owl Boy.  The acoustics are incredible there and we are excited to be involved with both the Tuesday night open mics and the Saturday night concerts.  This Saturday night Larry Herbstritt will be performing... at a $7 ticket charge the show is a steal.  Before going and catching the show at Olga's, head out to Roullette and join Jakob's Hollow for yet another fabulous Songwriters' Round Table.  It will be at the firehouse and will showcase the talents of Lisa Bigwood!  We would love to see you at either place and are sorry that there are lots of you that are reading this from TN.  We'll keep you posted! :)

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