Saturday, February 13, 2010

Foundry Pattern Found Object Art

We have, from the very beginning of our career, built our work around found, recycled, or reclaimed objects in our art pieces.  We did this to keep costs down initially but have since found that the concepts of efficiency, resourcefulness and the challenge of creating something new and beautiful out of something old and discarded are as important to our art philosophy as to who we are as individuals. 
We thought you might be interested in seeing a few of our sculptures.  Created from discarded foundry patterns and different odd knicknacks and hardware, these are a three dimensional expression of our sketches and graphite doodles. 
...this would also be a fine time to brag about our husbands.  Joe, Eppie's husband, though an artisan in his own right, is often kind enough to help with the more difficult construction on some of the sculpture designs.  He has a good eye for balance and composition and is quite a materials expert.  We kind of like him, as we do Adam, Julie's husband and Eppie's brother, who does musically what Joe does visually. :)  So, though often behind the scenes, Joe and Adam are both integral parts of Zephyr Art and we appreciate them more than we can express.
Anyway, until next post... Hope you enjoy!

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  1. LOVE these! I especially like the 2 in the top middle. All very cool and I love what you wrote about Joe and Adam...great stuff!