Sunday, March 28, 2010

Knitted Jacket

Fortunately our friend Olga carries the most beautiful yarns in her shop... and even better, she taught me how to knit when my first daughter was born!  This is a jacket I made (an original design, yet so very "Olga" :)) for our eagerly anticipated, newest 'baby in the making', Anika Marion... 
We have decided that we will design and make all of the new one's clothing... well, probably not for her whole lifetime- since we are not that consistent, but at least all of her baby clothes.  :) We love making things for our children and are working on an extensive line of children's items so we can share our work with other artsy mamas!  It seems we just cannot find enough of what we would like in the mainstream market and we thought there must be other mothers out there that are equally as frustrated.  Hmmmm. 

...and now that I look at it in print, maybe I will spell Anika with a 'Y'...  Anyka Marion.  There's still a few months to decide... :)  Happy Creating!


  1. Ep,
    This is WONDERFUL!!! Yay, Olga!!

  2. I hope to be able to photograph Anika someday in these beautiful clothes! Love the vibrant color combinations.