Thursday, June 3, 2010

TN: Wartrace Music Festival and Brightly Colored Walls

In TN, Eppie's sister and I teach a sewing class every Tuesday in my sewing room/art studio. We have 6 students and as many machines packed into a room that seemed so big a few weeks ago. Last Friday we took a field trip to Sir's, a large fabric store nearby, to purchase fabric for the girls to make dresses for a party we will throw. The girls got their dress fabric and I got some home fabric.
I am not one to plan. But this time I brought along three colors that I liked for the room, a Victorian looking green, an intense blue and a deep gold. None of these colors are the exact ones that I used, but they gave me the general idea. All three are beautiful to me. I was thinking blue for the walls, so ideally I would like all three colors (or variations) in the curtains. The colorful fabric above was what I found, perfect! I paired that fabric with some other fabric that had the vintage-y feel of the first (and a dark blue background) and then I made some curtains. I was going to make curtains for the bank of windows in the front of the house, but with the color change, I did not hate them anymore. So, I had fabric left over.

Color is one of the loves of my life. Intense or subtle, I love them all. When I go to Lowes, I always hit the paint counter to ogle the color cards. I have written a lot in my life on color and the differing emotions that certain colors can bring out in people. They don't necessarily have the standard effects on me. Blue tends to be a calming color, but the blue on my walls is exciting to me. It takes me to the sea and on airplane trips. I am grateful to my husband for not balking at it's intensity. It makes me very, very happy. 

On to other news: Zephyr Art will have a booth at the Wartrace Music Festival on Friday and Saturday. It is literally right down the road from me, so I thought "why not?" I hope to meet lots of musicians and hear some cool music. I bought a super cheap tent yesterday and my sister-in-law helped me make beautiful sides out of  the fabric that was left over from my curtains. It looks very Gypsy caravan. Because everything always works out, it was just enough coupled with some red-orange fabric I also purchased at Sir's. I will post photos soon of the booth. We will have dresses and crocheted tops, jersey headbands, felt baby booties, earrings, matted and framed prints, fabric mobiles and more. My friend, Olga TN, will be sharing the booth with me with her gemstone jewelry. I am glad, it will be fun. Only wish Eppie could be here... But the kids and I go to her in 17 days!

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