Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Zephyr Art TN: Time 4 Learning Online Learning Program

Mia doing school on Time 4 Learning wearing Halloween makeup. Yeah, homeschool is fun like that. 
Eppie and I are quite involved in our local homeschool environments. She is the local field trip coordinator for her area and I teach an art class at my kids' co-op. Eppie's kids are technically public school kids who learn online at home. We are part of a church related school, with our classroom being in our home. Here's a bit about the program my daughter uses:

My oldest, Mia (12 years old and in 7th grade), also does her schooling online at the website Time 4 Learning. It is a website that has interactive lessons complete with grading  and reports parents can print. T4L is really great for older children. The lessons are entertaining (even to me!) and funny. As an artist it pleases me that there are lots of visually interesting characters and the color schemes and layout are bright and engaging. I am particularly in love with the art lessons it provides. One has to be signed up for a month before accessing the art section and it is an extra charge of $10 for a one year extension after the first 6 months. I will absolutely get the extension! I love the art lessons! Every subject is plainly taught through animation, audio and on screen words. The student can repeat each segment as many times as needed. Mia has firmly grasped so many intricate concepts with this program's instruction. 

 I have to say, though, Silas (5) and I did not like the lessons for younger children. We had him signed up for a couple of months, but he just didn't like the characters or method of learning. Speaking again as an artist, I really did not like the animation at all. We will try again when he is older because even now he likes to watch Mia do her grade level. It really is entertaining! 

Another positive: Time 4 Learning pays for your referrals. I told a friend about T4L and showed her around Mia's lessons and then thought nothing about it until I received a check from them. In the letter that came with it they say also pay for writing an honest review. So, I thought since schooling is already something we blog about, I'd do a review as well. I hope my review gives some insight into the Time 4 Learning program! 

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  1. I stopped by to read the Time4Learning review (glad you like us and also, our online art program).

    I love the planted paint brushes. Great idea, beautifully done.

    And enjoy the thank you check. Send more friends.