Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ZA PA and TN: Art, animals, and arithmetic...

Arowyn doing school with her St. Bernard, Micah

One of the best things about being artists is that we have time to be home with our children and pets.  It seems, from our experience, that lots of 'dog' problems or 'children' problems that we read about on line or in articles kind of fade away when the 'child' or 'dog' are allowed to be by us.  It is not that we give our children and pets our undivided attention all of the time, we might even be worse than most about that :) ... it just seems as though lots of indirect attention works pretty darn good too.  A pat here a kind word there, I guess they all add up throughout the day.   Maybe we just have really good kids and really pleasant dogs... :)

Mia and Silas with Badge, their new Sheltie.
Arowyn relaxing with Micah.

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