Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Love... Under Cover(stitch)

Did you ever acquire a tool that, once it was yours, you wondered how you lived a fulfilled work life before it? Sounds dramatic, right? Enter the Coverstitch machine... 

We use a lot of knits in our clothing design. We have a serger for the side seams and finishing raw edges, we have a regular sewing machines for simple duties and now we have a coverstitch machine for really professional looking hems around the bottom of garments, arm holes and neck holes!
Sigh. How did we live without thee, coverstitch?

A coverstitch machine uses four threads, three needles and a lower looper to create a secure, stretchy, very finished edge. Most stitches just break when a regular sewing machine is used to sew stretch knits along hems, arm and neck holes.  

See the neat chain on the inside of the garment? And the three top stitched rows on the outside? 
Marvelous! I am so glad we just had a Sir's Fabric trip and I found so many great knit fabrics!
 Now, back to work! (We are in the process of designing and creating a new line of children's clothing, accessories and other goodies... More on that soon.)

Update: I did forget to mention that the coverstitch is much like a serger and can be a bit frustrating, until you get the hang of what is happening (or supposed to be happening)! So, persevere, have patience! Learn where the threads are going and what they are doing in the scheme of things and you will get it right.

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