Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crafting TN...

Recently we were looking around the 'net for the term "urban folk art", wondering if that is what our style would be classified. (We are still undecided on our style classification!)

While we were browsing, I came across Urban Folk Art Shows. The people at Urban Folk Art Shows, along with artist Staci Gibson of Pea Soup Studio, are heading up a campaign to handcraft (in various media)a United States map. Artists from around the US are volunteering to create the states. They have specs for the size of the states so that each one will fit together with the surrounding states, creating a big ol' artsy/craftsy US map.

The project sounded fun, so I clicked to see if an artist had already claimed TN. They had not. So, because we love collaboration, we decided to participate and here's what went down:

I started by cutting out the shape to specs. I cut the shape out of watercolor paper because it is sturdy. Then I laid down some crayon, because I love crayon. 

I painted with watercolor on top and watched as the color pulled away from the wax of the crayon. I love that,too.

I painted vigorously while my baby Amora slept. 

I sprinkled some salt into the wet paint, because (of course) I love that, too. Then I sewed around the edge of TN and added, with my machine, a small heart (which in my mind signifies Wartrace, where I live. But if you want it to be the capitol, Nashville, be my guest, it's pretty close to us) I then sewed a bit with needle and embroidery thread.

In the end, Zephyr Art has a little Tennessee to put with the other states of the Union. 
We can't wait to see the completed US map!
To participate (there is a time crunch, so hurry!) 

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