Tuesday, September 6, 2011

They're coming!

Zephyr Art Moon Fairies

We're pretty excited that our new Moon Fairies are almost ready to be released into the world and we thought we would take a minute to let you know why these little guys are causing such a commotion here.  Zephyr Art has always created one of a kind rag sculptures and we love each and every one but usually, when some fine creature leaves us, he goes and lives a life on his own.  We don't often hear what happens to him and we always wonder if people enjoy him as much as we did.  Zephyr Art Moon Fairies are a little different.  They wanted to keep in touch with us and so they have agreed to each take a number and have their photo posted on the 'Zephyr Art Moon Fairies' Facebook page.  Now, whenever a Moon Fairy leaves us and goes home with a new friend, that person can find that specific Moon Fairy on Facebook and keep in touch with us and other Moon Fairy hosts and hostesses via photos, posts and messages!  We are so excited to see what creative photos others might catch of their Moon Fairy friends and what interesting adventures cool people, besides us :), have.  Here's a photo of Mia's Moon Fairy guest to show you how each Moon Fairy will be posted on Facebook.

All she has to do is click on 'photos' on the Zephyr Art Moon Fairies page, find the 'Find YOUR Moon Fairy' photo album and then find her specific Moon Fairy.  Then she can post and comment like she would with any other Facebook photo.  We hope our Moon Fairy friends make it to every corner of the Earth and then take the time to share their adventures with us!
We will keep you posted on the release of the first batch of Moon Fairies!  We promise they will be ready in time for Christmas!  They will be available on our website www.zephyrart.org via our Etsy shop as soon as they are ready and we will be offering them for sale at craft shows, and at Olga's Gallery and Bistro in Coudersport.  We will stay in touch about other added locations... but for now, off we go to make more Moon Fairies!!!  Enjoy the week!

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