Thursday, October 6, 2011

It's Been Ten Years But We're Back Again

Zephyr Art's corner of the Antiques, Art and Collectibles Mall in Shelbyville, TN.

It will most likely come as no surprise that Art was my favorite subject in highschool. Also, one of my very favorite teachers was my freshman year art teacher, Carol Price. As I have gotten older, she has become a dear friend.  When she opened the Antiques, Art and Collectibles Mall in 2001 I was one of her first employees. It was the year, also, that Eppie and I had just begun our venture together as the collaboration we call Zephyr Art. I owe a lot to Carol for the inspiration she provided me and the room to paint and create as I worked behind the desk. At one point I even painted as performance in the window, kind of like a moving display. I have so many great memories from working there!

Fast forward four children, times two!, and ten years, Ep and I are still Zephyr Art and the mall is still humming along. (And I still love to hang out there.) When we decided to focus on getting our new line out to the public we had to brainstorm on where to put it. We have things in the virtual world on Etsy and in our friend Olga's shop in PA, but we needed a TN place or two. So we opened a booth at the Antiques, Art and Collectibles Mall. A few of our artist friends have booths there, as well. We are in a corner booth with Becky Shelton (who is usually there painting or doing other artsy things) diagonally across the way and Shawna Jones in a booth beside us. Sherry Warner Hunter has a booth at the AACM, also. It seems like a perfect fit. I am glad to be back there!

Come by and take a look around at all the interesting things in the AACM. You know antique stores, there is always something quirky and cool hiding in plain sight!  You'll most likely meet an artist or two on your trip through, as well.

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  1. Yay! I hope you sell lots of things and have a great time with it.
    If I'm ever in Shelbyville, I will definitely stop by to check it out.