Friday, December 23, 2011

A Zephyr Art Year in Review...

Eppie and I want to thank all the people that dealt with our business obsessiveness this year. (Other years as well, but we're talking 2011 right now...)
A Moon Fairy getting her tags applied

Our studios went from clean to a mess every day.
Okay, they might not have been clean EVERY day.

It always amazes us that, so many times, when one of us gets a strong feeling the other will bring it up first. Well, we each had the strong feeling at the beginning of the year that we needed more from our business. More purpose, more products, more money :). 

So, we got really serious this year: made a solid business plan, started production of a major line, did some shows in Nashville and spent a lot more time traveling to and from TN and PA. 

Our girls, Mia (14) and Arowyn (9), helped us immensely, sewing, giving input on designs and watching babies and young boys. 

Mia and I watched a lot of The Walking Dead while we sewed...
As we look ahead:
We are hoping in the upcoming year to do 4-6 indie-type craft shows, continue the plush creature line, create a line of simple clothing for children and women,and other such forward moving goals. We hope that you will keep in touch with us along this ride. Our customers and friends are a constant source of encouragement and inspiration that we are truly glad to look back on- and to which we are excited to look forward in this new year. 

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