Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Our Art Party, Featuring: Our Friends!

Our budget for advertising, and just about everything else, is pretty small. :) But, like all small businesses we still have to get our products out there and noticed. So, in order to have some photos of more than just our combined families of children, we turned to our friends for help.

Recently we invited some of our kind friends over for a photo shoot party at Julie's house.

It was just a little soiree to get some sweet photos of sweet kids having a good time being creative.

We had cupcakes with white icing (made with homemade vanilla!) and sprinkles in a rainbow of colors, white chocolate dipped/ rainbow sprinkled pretzel rods. Our friend Brenda brought fresh strawberries from right down the road. Thanks, Brenda! They were delish!

We had three creativity 'centers' with Sculpey sculpting, pipe cleaner and bead creations, a paper doll area and a place to draw on giant paper.

The area by the table became quiet when the kids went off to create.

 The older kids nicely helped out with the younger kids and half a dozen of them piled on to the front porch swing making us all wonder how long it would hold up!

It is always inspiring to see kids making and doing. 

 We love the age of no creative inhibitions. 

Just pure color and line on clean, white page. Letting the hand move and the color flow...

We strive to create like that still.
At some point Leonardo, the turtle, was released into the house and the kids had a great time finding him again. He is back, safe in his aquarium, thank goodness.

I think we took some good photos of happy children doing creative things, which was exactly what we wanted to do! I'm sure you'll be seeing more of our photo shoot party pics around the website and blog soon. Thank you to everyone who came over!!

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