Sunday, May 27, 2012

Zephyr Art and Friends, Pocket Keepers and the Sanity Keeper!

 We would like to introduce to you our newest friend and collaborator, Nancy Iacono of Tom Cat Designs!  Nancy has agreed to help us with our Pocket Keeper Dolls and has put her genius to work on producing a pattern to our design that will make production more efficient.  She has also agreed to help us with sewing the afore mentioned darlings!  We are confident that this is the beginning of a long and happy friendship and working relationship!

Nancy currently owns her own sewing studio (as well as a beautiful bed and breakfast) in Narranganset, RI and has worked for Hasbro Toys, Triboro Quilt Company, Disney on Ice, and other companies creating sample pieces, prototypes and finished products.  Please visit her website at

Thank you Nancy for being so absolutely wonderful, creative and, um, flexible! :)  ( We might ought to mention that WE would love to be able to do the splits.  The photo is Nancy doing Yoga on vacation in Italy. )

Whether being used as an extra pocket for special toy treasures, a creative 'envelope' for money or gift cards for that special senior, a pocket and pin cushion for sewing scissors and notions, or an abundance of other innovative ideas, our Pocket Keeper Dolls are the perfect gifts and make the handiest friends around!  Visit our website at to order yours today!

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