Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Child Growing Up

Today my eldest child takes her ACT test. What?!!! She technically could stay in high school for another year because she has a November birthday. Not a huge deal, I guess, but to me it represents the first step in a series of life changing events for her and me and our whole family. Driver's license, ACT, college, maybe just a phone call to her mother now and then because life is so busy that she realizes that she's not spoken to her (ME) in like three weeks?!?! Hmm. Let me pause here to call my mother. I suddenly feel very guilty.  

 Although, I am not (quite) rethinking the "Fly, Little Bird, FLY!!" cheer that I have always given her. "Of course you don't have to live by me when you are grown! You can go ANYWHERE, do anything!!"

I am not scared or (very) sad, just SO dang excited for her. She was born with amazing drive, a terrific mind and a dash of perfectionism, which being one to let some things slide, I absolutely admire. So, off we go to drop my baby at a test that will be her first step to college, to life outside my home. But, for now, I will soak in the fact that I am very glad to be the one driving her around today. 


-BTW: Above is a photo of us from when she was probably twelve or so. She dresses nowhere near that colorful now! (Teenager.)  ;) I wouldn't  doubt if this photo is not already on this blog somewhere from way back when...-

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