Sunday, May 23, 2010

PA: St. Bernards, Piglets and Doublers

Today I was given some raw wool from some friends of ours, the Laubers, when we went to deliver their little piglets to them.  Julie is planning a trip up in this direction next month and we should have some time to experiment with washing, dying and felting...  It was also great fun to see the Laubers' St. Bernard, Guinness.  He is HUGE.  We have a couple of Saints, Micah and Kotton, (Here are a few photos of Mike that Jake snapped.  She's quite the ham.).  I think artists tend to like things that are a little bit out of the ordinary...
I've been spending a lot of time making diapers, doublers, covers, inserts, baby clothes and other baby items.  I can't wait until Julie is here with the sergers.  
I am getting pretty sick of being pregnant... still at least a month to go though. 
Guess I'll just try to distract myself with St. Bernards, piglets and doublers... 

(photos by Jakob Bailey)

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