Saturday, May 15, 2010

TN: Not Yet Dead Poets Society

This is a necklace made by artist, Olga Hiles, who lives in Tullahoma, TN. It was created for an "ugly necklace" contest. She gave it to me on Tuesday night at a meeting of the Not Yet Dead Poets Society. (NYDPS is a collection of individuals that get together to write poetry and read poetry and inspire each other) She also gave me a bag of what my artist friend, Sherri, calls (something to the effect of) 'interesting things'. Personally, I like to call them found objects (or on a particularly snooty day 'objet trouve'). 

A closeup of the driftwood center piece...

On this particular night the writing exercise was introduced by Olga. She carried around a bag, from which we drew an object. This object would be the inspiration for a poem. 

I chose this:
Here is my poem...

As the screw tightens, 
Smaller and smaller shrinks the circle.
Making escape impossible
For whatever is bound within.

Slow moves the hand
With such controlled motion.
Steady, locking down the thing
That could cause him distress.

There. I am not a 'quick thinkin' gal'. I'm more of a 'give me three days to think about it gal'. So, I feel this is an okay spur of the moment writing about a clamp. This is probably a very good group for me to prompt exercise for gaining mental speed!  NYDPS meets at the Celtic Cup Coffeehouse (wonder if the poets chose it for the alliterative name?) at 6:00pm every Thursday. They have great coffee and sweets! 

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