Saturday, July 10, 2010

PA: Anyka Marion Bailey and A New Direction

Anyka's here!! She was born July 3, 2010, 8lbs. 8ozs.

Along with Anyka, some other changes are coming to Zephyr Art's collective lives.We are in the process of launching a full website with (we hope) a more interesting format. We are launching a line of children's clothing, toys and accessories, continuing work on ecclectic fashions for stage and life and continuing works in all of our Art media.

We have been wondering about what your thoughts are on Art, style, creativity, design, business, education and lifestyle, so we thought we'd tailor our posts to learn more about what is on your mind as well as share our philosophy. So, we look very much forward to hearing from you and hopefully our adventures will inspire, motivate or encorage you to live your most creative life.

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