Tuesday, July 13, 2010

PA: Kids and Art from Recycled Materials

 As moms who teach at home, we place a heavy focus on creativity and originality. We enjoy creating toys that leave room for a child's imagination...  simplistic, pleasing lines that enable a child to see beyond the image presented to them.  We enjoy finding vintage materials that foster a nostalgic feel in our pieces that appeal to us as adults and are soft and comforting to our children.  It is important that children see items recycled and reused also... that everything does not have to be new, new, new.  We appreciate all the many lessons that we can reveal to our children through Art.  We teach them that there is always more than one way to approach a problem, design or idea. Items that utilize recycled materials often times carry a special worth even beyond the uniqueness of design or purpose, a certain history that is almost palpable.  There is also the age old lesson that beauty comes in many shapes or forms and that not everybody finds the same things appealing.  Ah, but what are some things that you have uncovered in your artistic journey?

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