Wednesday, July 21, 2010

PA: Open Mic and the Two Youngest In Tow

Every Tuesday at Cafe Olga is open mic, hosted by Eppie's band, Jakob's Hollow. We went last night with our two youngest, my Dorian who is almost three and Eppie's Anyka, who is three weeks. Sometimes to have children and to want to do art or music things, one must take the little ones. I must say, however, they were both superb examples of children who go with the flow. They mingled and charmed and when it was Eppie's and my turn to play, Dorian was fast asleep and Anyka was being cooed at by friends. So, everything went well and we all had a good time.

Eppie's guitar case in Olga's upstairs hallway...

Olga, Eppie, Anyka and Dorian.

In June our dear friend Pippa moved across the country from Memphis to California with her husband, Scott, daughter, Maple and mother, Rosie. A short time after they arrived there Rosie passed away. I embroidered this rose today for a cushion for Pippa's new home, hoping to show my family's love for Rosie at the same time. I am going to use a sheet that was my mother's (who is very much alive) that is white with small roses all over. Hopefully the distance will not keep us apart from our friend for too long...

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