Wednesday, July 28, 2010

TN: Moo Business Cards

We have awesome business cards. That is not just bragging, it is true, because we have Moo business cards. These cards get so many comments from other artists on their quality and beauty. They are made on heavy stock that feels so smooth and extravagant and the colors are more vibrant than any other business card I have seen before. Moo has regular sized business cards (we tried these first and loved them!) and mini cards. One can upload, for the image side, up to 50 images for the regular cards and 100 images for the mini cards, perfect for artists and designers. We received our minis in the mail last week. They are around half the size of regular business cards and are just as great. Same vibrancy and quality, just smaller. We will use these to network and as tags on our clothing, toys and art. When we hand these out, people are getting a perfect little art print along with pertinent information, they are so worth it for promotional purposes. I think soon we'll try the postcards. We love Moo.

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