Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Zephyr Art TN: And Knowing is Half the Battle!

A G.I. Joe once said "Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!" We agree.

Knowing is half the battle, therefore, I guess acting on that knowledge is the other half. So, to prepare our children for the struggles and joys of life we homeschool. Logan (Eppie's), who is 17, Jacob (Eppie's), who is 15,  Mia (Julie's), who is 12, and Arowyn (Eppie's), who is 7, do separate online curricula. They are scored and quizzed online and we can see reports on their progresses. Silas (Julie's), who is almost 5, did not respond well to the online school so Silas is  using workbooks and other media. Additionally, they all read tons of books, go on field trips, are involved with local homeschool groups and community projects. Dorian (Julie's almost 3 yr. old) and Anyka (Eppie's 1 month old) are along for the ride during all these activities, as well.  While definitely not for everyone, with the kind of lives we lead, this kind of schooling just works well for us. We travel often for visual art and music purposes and use these trips to further enhance our children's learning experiences. 

Julie's house: With school and sewing, painting and creating in general going on in the house every day, things can get a bit messy. So, around 3 or 4 o'clock we pretend we are crazy monkey people and we run around as fast as we can putting things away and cleaning. Sometimes we pretend our house will blow up after 10 minutes if everything is not cleaned and other assorted time sensitive scenarios. We get clean fast and then start dinner, chill time and reading before bed or we visit friends, play music and do more lively activities instead. 
It all depends on how we're feeling... 

Silas drawing on a dry erase board...

Super Hero Dorian doing some drawing...

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