Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Zephyr Art TN: The "Wireman" and Thoughts On Ingenuity

Vannoy "Wireman" Streeter had ingenuity. Ingenuity is making something from nothing, of which we are big fans. Mr. Streeter made elaborate wire sculptures from old wire clothes hangers. These sculptures have a bendy liveliness that illustrate the humor and good nature of the artist. Unfortunately I did not get to meet Mr. Streeter, but the stories in our town abound about his generosity and  amiableness. Stories of sitting on Mr. Streeter's front porch and the gifts of sculptures that he made while he chatted with his visitors. 
Last night's opening of his work came off nicely, his step son was with us along with his grandson, Rod Cleveland, who continues his grandad's ingenious work by creating with wire using techniques he learned by watching his grandfather on the artist's fabled front porch. 

This is a great view of the Fly Cultural Art Center's remodeled area that will host a cooperative gallery sales space, across from which will be the exhibition space for shows that will rotate every three or four weeks.

Gina Witten, extreme left front in the above photo, is our new Visual Art Director. We are so glad she came to Bedford County, she is getting some terrific things rolling for the Visual Arts in and around Shelbyville. She is teaching classes, planning exhibitions and stirring up excitement.
Julie explaining the origins and plans of the mosaic to Vannoy Streeter's stepson, James.

The sculpture in the foreground is the three ladies that will grace the top of the Women's History Month sculpture, 'Vision, Action, Prayer'. Vision (yellow) is staring confidently into the future, Action (red) has her fist in her hand in a gesture of strength and Prayer (blue) has her hands together in a quiet conversation with the Creator. (You know, the Creator of everything, not the creator of the sculpture, that would be too limited...) This sculpture will be completed this month for an unveiling in September at the Fly.

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