Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Zephyr Art TN: Reconstructed Thrift Store Coats and The Blue Porch Bed and Breakfast

The beginning of a project is always a time of excitement. What fabric? What layout? What design? The above photo shows Eppie's coat in the layout stage. We cut the blazer below the bust line and created a new lower portion using black wool and some other fabric, the very bottom is the part we cut off of my blazer. 


The inspiration for this coat project was a photo in the July or August Marie Claire of a reconfigured blazer. Eppie saw it and saw the great potential that the general idea had. We are still working on the coats today and hopefully will have them totally complete by the time Eppie leaves on Saturday.


The Blue Porch: A Bed and Breakfast

Yesterday we went to the Blue Porch in Readyville, TN for an experimental lunch.  The owner, Wanda Thompson, is Eppie's sister-in-law and an excellent chef and hostess. The Blue Porch boasts a state of the art, fabulous kitchen and beautiful rooms. Lucky us, Wanda wanted  us to come over to try a new chicken salad dish. 

Wanda laid out a wonderfully refreshing Passion Berry tea. We had Curried Chicken Salad, fantastic pimento cheese from Wanda's husband's great grandmother's recipe, a wonderful Cole slaw and a quinoa salad, along with some Publix 7 grain bread.  It was all really spectacular and a good way to take a break from coat making. 


       The Blue Porch is located at 9570 Vaught Road in Readyville, TN 37149. You can contact Wanda for lunch,cooking classes, spa services or a stay at the Blue Porch at 615-890-8117.

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