Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Zephyr Art PA: What's she doing now???

You have heard us talk about Olga's beautiful yarn, or Olga's website; her artwork or playing as Jakob's Hollow or Freakish Owl Boy at her corner shop...  She's a fellow artist and a close and great friend of ours- and she is painting her yarn shop.  It has been looking pretty bad after the guys have scraped all the old paint off... even colorful boards propped against it look beautiful to us.

Choosing colors for something that has to last for years is no easy task, especially if you see an endless amount of possible color schemes.  There is also the problem of liking things that the locals find odd, to say the least, and knowing that the community has to live with your color choices as well.  Needless to say, Olga has been beside herself trying to decide what colors she would like to buy.  We got to help her decide what colors might make everyone happy and, being as the responsibility is not ours, it has actually been fun.  I thought you guys might like to see what all the color samples looked like, once we narrowed down to one 'set' of colors to work with, and see what ended up as the final color choices.

Aren't these pretty?
She painted the back corner for us to get a better idea...
Nice red cloth! :)
The yellow and blue as well and the red and green on the right are the end choices.


  1. there is a house in town that is peach & rusty orange that i love. I also love the combo of red & pale teal, although i've never seen it on a house I think it would look great :)

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  3. I think it will be perfect for her yarn shop... Kim, your photos are beautiful! We are following your blog now... :)

  4. The 'removed post' up there had 'beautiful' in it a ridiculous amount of times so I deleted it. lol I didn't want everyone to wonder what profanities I spewed and then regretted. :)