Friday, September 3, 2010

Zephyr Art TN: Duct Tape/ Paper Mache Leg

I had such a great time duct taping myself yesterday that I decided to do a bit more today. A leg seemed like something I could do by myself so I found a really long sock that had no mate and pulled it waaay up over my knee.

Then I started taping.


And taping.... I used my "cat-like perfect balance" to get tape around every part of my foot without falling. Mostly.


Mia got into taping her leg, too.


After several layers it was time to cut myself out. Which is good because my foot was starting to lose circulation.


I cut through the sock and all.  


After the cutting, I taped up the seam to blend the pieces together.


Mia cut herself out. She thought I might cut her leg off. 

I had no more poly fill and was brainstorming for solutions. Mia had a great idea: plastic grocery bags. Since the newspapers are in the same recycling bag in my pantry, I used those, too.

I decided to paper mache the leg next. I mixed up a bowl of flour, water and Elmer's glue, then I poked a dowel into the heel for stability. (It might be a high heel in the finished piece or I might take it out when I create the sole and just have a tippy toe foot.)

All covered...

When it was paper mache-d (what is the spelling for the past tense of paper mache?!) I painted it purple and hung it from the ceiling to dry. 

I think I'll take this project to the highschool art class I am teaching this semester. I think they will think it is hilarious! It does require some stretching to reach under the foot! 

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