Thursday, September 2, 2010

Zephyr Art TN: The Making of A Dummy. (Duct Tape Dress Form)

So. I need some display mannequins for Zephyr Art garments. I looked on Craigslist this morning and didn't find any that were current listings. So, I posted on Face Book that I was in the market for some and then set out to the store to buy some colorful duct tape to make my own for fun and to make do for a bit. I googled the process and it seemed easy. I texted my sister-in-law, Tiff to see if she'd help me tape up. She was game. She's always game!

If you ever wonder where your lumps are, cover yourself in duct tape, you'll find them.

Tiff and I covered my torso in tape. We wrapped several layers in different directions, crisscrossing over the bust area. It got harder and harder to breathe. Then, we felt good about the layers and she cut me out, thank goodness. My daughter, Mia saw it and said "Wow! You made a shirt?!" She liked it as a shirt. Perhaps I have raised her too creatively...

Tiffany holding the shell of me.

The inside of the duct tape shell.

We stuffed the inside of the form with polyfill and taped up the armholes and neck hole. For a temporary base, I knocked the arms off of a display thing that I don't use and placed her on there. I think I will make one of Mia tomorrow, if she doesn't insist that it be her shirt.

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