Saturday, January 22, 2011

Zephyr Art: How To: Etsy Alchemy (Item Requests)

Zephyr Art is in the process of fulfilling a request made on Etsy for a 36"x42", colorful baby quilt. We thought we would share how this whole alchemy thing works, since this is our first time and it is pretty interesting. 

This is alchemy in Etsy's words: "In an historical sense, Alchemy is the pursuit of transforming common metals into valuable gold. In an Etsy sense, Alchemy is the pursuit of transforming your creative ideas and designs into tangible items.
Alchemy is a space on Etsy where buyers can post requests for custom items. Sellers then bid on the opportunity to make the item and win the sale. It's your opportunity to collaborate with a crafter or artisan to get exactly what you're seeking. Buyers can even make private requests to a specific seller within a shop."
So, how it works like this: the person requesting an item from a particular artist goes to that artists Etsy page and in the right hand column there is a link to "request custom item". On the next page the buyer makes the request, stating the item they would like. (including colors, size, shape, ideal price, etc.) This is where the buyer also puts the deadline for when they need the item. The buyer can also upload sketches of what they want, making the item a true collaboration between themselves and the artist. 
The seller then sends a bid to the requesting customer with a description of what will be made, a date by which it will be shipped and the price for which they will do the work.
The buyer reviews the bid and accepts or declines. Then the seller accepts or declines here:
Payment is made, item is made and shipped and thus completes the request for a custom creation by an Etsy represented artist! It has been very easy on our side. What about you? Have any of you made an alchemy request from Etsy before? How did it go?

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