Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Zephyr Art: Photographs by Michelle Cataldo...

Zephyr Art sister-in-law/photographer , Michelle Cataldo, recently took some promo photos for us. Michelle is one of our favorite artists, so we were overjoyed to work with her and see our garments through her lens. 

Sea Green Dress Topper (Back View)
 We really like to be able to take ordinary clothing that we already own and jazz it up with handmade accents. One way we do that is with Zephyr Art Dress Toppers. Dress Toppers are handmade, and in some cases hand dyed, garments to put over a simple dress or shirt and jeans to add an element of style without feeling overdone. 
Purple Double Front Dress
 Our Dress Toppers are available short (like a vest or shirt) and long (more like an over dress).

Purple Double Front with Red Sash (Medium)
 Many have sashes whose colors can be varied according to the wearer's moods. We love this red sash.

Purple Dress with Seafoam Flower (Medium)

Detail of Seafoam Flower
 Most of our Dress Toppers have some sort of hand stitched accents. 

Every single one of Zephyr Art's garments are one of a kind. We don't do patterns.  Each piece is "built" as we go, in order to give an organic, free flowing feel. While some of the garments we do are smaller sizes (xsmall and small), most of our Dress Toppers would work well on any size, due to the tie closures and flowing nature of the pieces.
 On that note: Zephyr Art would love to build a custom (bespoke) garment to fit any size and taste.

Polka Red Halter Top Dress Topper (One size fits most)

Red Jersey Skirt (X Small)

Detail of Sea Green Dress Topper
                              Just want to say thanks again to Michelle! You make us look great!!

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  1. Aww shucks!! IT was my pleasure!! Cant wait to do it again!! I absolutely to the core of my color-loving soul...L-O-V-E your work. Every bit of it. I love your style. Everything.