Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Zephyr Art: Looking Ahead

Ann, Eppie (wearing Anyka!) and Steve playing in the New Year...

So, we played some music to ring in the new year, took some photographs of our friends clinking glasses, I bought some wearable art from Olga and we stayed out way too late for ladies with one baby and one 13 year old in tow. Eppie leads an artsy life there in the Coudy' wilds. We did not work as much as we would have liked, the Christmas holiday was taken as that: a holiday spent with family. It was very good, though, one cannot think about work all the time, right?
The two youngest of our collective children, Anyka and Dorian.

We did get in a discussion of growing our business. Zephyr Art has been our alternate Art-Identity for a decade now. We made it through years of being asked lots of whys. Why were we not signing our names singly to the pieces we do, why were we not doing things (selling and marketing) separately, why were we always putting the other's artistic identity, opinions and creations equal to our own. We now break it down like this: Zephyr Art is like a band. A band shares a vision of creating together. A band struggles and wins together. A band plans tours to spread it's art. A band shares a name, and if they are lucky like Zephyr Art, a philosophy. (But, unlike a band, whose average lifespan is 2-3 years, we are in our 10th year! Whoo-Hoo!)

We discussed all kinds of things, getting out to trade/gift shows, greatly expanding our Etsy presence, having designated work days/hours, and in general, Finding a Way to Make a Living Doing the Thing We Were Created to Do. (Capital letters because it is an important title in a new chapter in ZA's history!)

We would like to move out of our small towns into larger markets. We would like to travel a bit to sell our art. We would like to produce a good volume of work. We would like to make money. We would like to have a profitable reason to get together in "real life" more! We hope that you will join us on FaceBook, Etsy and our blog. Please feel free to offer comments and even critiques. It is our intention to grow by leaps and bounds this year and we would love for our friends to be part of that goal.

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