Saturday, January 8, 2011

Okay, eight days into the new year is not many, I know. But, when one (more precisely, 2) has a goal, it is a good start. One of Zephyr Art's main 2011 goals is to produce enough art, clothing, toys and accessories to get to a point where we can take things on the road. We thought fabric earrings would be a good product with which to begin. So here is a recap of what we have recently listed on our Etsy page:

On a side note: it is good to raise your children with a camera in their faces from birth. That way when you need an earring model, your thirteen year old daughter will stop what she is doing every thirty minutes to have her photograph taken willingly! This is just a bit of the brainwashing we artist moms think up while we are pregnant or nursing a baby and have to sit still for a moment. 

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