Friday, April 15, 2011

Apples, apples, apples...

We LOVE our technological tools but we don't love when our gadgets get the scratches and dings that energetic lifestyles and many children tend to cause.  Apple designs its products with beauty in mind and, unfortunately, covering these products with some protective sheath can be painful for those that are aesthetically minded.  We thought we should look at this problem as an opportunity to create unique looks for our devices.

Eppie's Macbook has a clear plastic casing... it is definitely worth the $49 price tag, as far as protection, but it takes the beautiful shiny white Macbook and makes it somewhat more utilitarian than poetic.  We decided, for this, that we would paint an illustration that we could slide between the laptop and its plastic protector.  We designed a bag out of reclaimed leather (an old, ill fitting leather jacket) for when Eppie wants to carry her computer along with her and we designed a smaller connecting bag for the power cord and additional paraphernalia.

Julie's IPad has a thin blue magnetic cover that gaurds its touchscreen.  This leaves the back exposed and it has already acquired some angry scuff marks.  We designed some handy fabric sleeves with a front pocket that readily accepts an IPod or cell phone.  Sporting upholstery fabric, heavy duty interfacing, and a healthy dose of Zephyr Art creativity, they have turned out rather nicely and we've decided to offer some for sale on Etsy!  ...only, Julie gets to pick hers first!!!      

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