Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another Easy To-Do: Simple Jersey Slings

As homeschooling/ artist/ musician mothers, Eppie and I don't stop much. So we need ways to stay mobile and have our babies near, too. 

We both have beautiful, colorful Beco baby carriers.  Eppie uses hers all the time, even when performing in her band, Jakob's Hollow!  She is a fan of its style, comfort and fashionable fabrics. I purchased mine on her recommendation, though I have not used it yet, I am waiting until Amora gets to be the 15lbs. required to carry her without the infant insert. 
Anyka hanging out in the Beco while Eppie plays
Until then, I am carrying her in a jersey sling. With the boys I had Snuglis and the kind of slings with large metal rings and a lot of fabric. I am weird and get easily overwhelmed by too much fabric and I hate my movement being restricted by things. So, this time, to keep Amora close to me, in a comfy way, I have made a couple of slings from simple cotton jersey fabric.

You might recognize the pink fabric from the previous post on sewing a simple, light blanket for baby. (It is from the same jersey sheet set I purchased from Target.) 

This is just some interestingly patterned jersey that I had in my fabric stash.
Since I have had many inquiries into where I got these unusually colorful slings, I thought I would show how very easy it is to make your own out of fabric you may already have or from some beautiful jersey you can find at the local fabric store. (BTW, I like cotton jersey because it stretches and breathes.)

Here are the absolutely, so simple, instructions: cut the fabric and tie it on. 

 Easy! But if you'd like me to be more specific: 
Cut some cotton jersey into a strip about two feet wide or so, depending on the width that makes you feel comfortable for safety and to have enough fabric to pull around baby to shield from the sun or chilly weather. 

The length also depends on you. To measure this, I put the jersey on my shoulder and held the baby. I then got Mia to help me bring the ends of fabric together in front of me, shortening where I felt comfortable when it was tied. 

I left a few inches on the end of the knot, so that I would know the fabric would not slowly untie itself and release my baby, crying and surprised, onto the ground. That said, I always keep a hand on Amora while she is in the sling, because I just feel more secure that she is safe. I don't have to hold her up or anything, it is more for peace of mind and an extra bit of safety.

 When I need to use my hands for a while, I put two slings on, crisscrossed across each shoulder. When I need my whole body, I get Mia to carry her in the sling for a while! (Thank you, sweet, older daughter!) 

I even wore Amora in her sling while I typed out this blog post...

There are other types of jersey slings on the internet, of course, this is just what is comfortable for me. 

---The favorable review for the Beco carrier is just our unasked for opinion...

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