Sunday, March 25, 2012

Creative Play with Jigsaw Puzzles

Creative children tend to like play that involves thought, color, texture, and challenges.  One toy that provides great creative play is the jigsaw puzzle. Puzzles, of any sort, are great for the mind.  They challenge you to think, force you to slow down, and provide a fun reason to communicate with each other.  Jigsaw puzzles, as opposed to riddles and other mind puzzles, are extra rewarding because you have a beautiful, shiny picture when you are finished.... and everybody can see that you have 'solved' it!
There are many awesome jigsaw puzzles to choose from and they come in an array of different difficulties.  I just ordered some puzzles for my baby from Barefoot Books.  She has been watching Arowyn and I put together jigsaw puzzles on the table and she knows that they are different than her wooden drop-in that she has mastered.   
'Baby' puzzles from Barefoot Books!
Clicking on this photo will take you to Barefoot Books and this puzzle!

We have a few puzzles that we have designed for children about 6yrs and up...  They have 30 pieces, so they are quick and easy starter puzzles.  It's a little difficult for us to find starter puzzles that have pictures we like but there are TONS of awesome puzzles for older children at almost any store where toys are sold.  Arowyn and I just bought a few puzzles from the Dollar Tree yesterday... and the images are quite nice!  Here's a Zephyr Art puzzle with a link in case you would like to check out what we have.

Julie, at the moment, is listening to Bruce Baker at the  "Thrive not survive" artist workshop back in TN so I had better make good use of my time!  :)  I think I am going to join Arowyn in a relaxing session of puzzle fun!!!

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