Friday, March 23, 2012

Growing Creative Children Is Easy!

Eppie comes from a large, very artistic family. Her childhood home was filled with voices singing, music being played, garments being sewn and art being made. Many of her brothers and sisters are still very involved in visual art or music, or both. Although, I'm sure she would agree, Eppie is one of the most extreme in the bunch when it comes to visual art and music.

When I (Julie) was growing up I was different than my family. I was born to paint and create. My family is made up of a Sheriff's Officer dad, math teacher mom and a little brother, Ben, who was always much more level headed than me. He is now Technology Supervisor at our local Board of Education. (-Side note- Ben is a writer and very creative as well, he just chose a technology passion- that pays him regularly!- to be his day job.)

Fairly solid sounding group, right? I was, ahem, not solid. :)

One might think that I would have had to scrounge and fight to create in a household made of people not artsy like me. But I did not! My (creative!) family found ways to make sure their artistically creative child was nurtured and encouraged.
The point is: Every type of parent can help their child succeed in creativity.

Little Arowyn and Mia at a sculpture park in NY

We, as Zephyr Art, have a firm belief that every child is creative and that there are many ways to encourage that in your child, wether you are an artist, math teacher or a truck driver. 

We would like to help you enhance your child's creativity! Try our "6 Ways to Encourage YOUR Young Artist". It is a free PDF featuring a few easy things you can do to create an environment that is friendly to creativity. 

Also, you can find a list of not-so-obvious places to show off your child's creativity here, in our "6 Ways to Show Off That Creativity!", it will show you how to break that art on the fridge habit.

Happy Creativity, Everyone!!!

Jake, Arowyn, Mia and Silas playing with Playmobils.

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  1. Julie! I LOVE these photos! Everybody, these are photos of us at the sculpture park in Ellicottville, NY (an AWESOME place), The Dam Show in Austin, PA (an AWESOME festival), and at both of our homes (PA and TN). Ahhhh, memories, memories!