Friday, March 9, 2012

Creative Toy Patterns and a FREE Stitch Guide Bookmark!

Sew many patterns, sew little time!  Ok, that was cheesy but we know that many of you LOVE to sew.  We are suckers for unique, creative toy patterns and we wanted to take a minute to make an announcement about ours.  We now have THREE Zephyr Art creative toy patterns, the Polar Fleece Pickle pattern, our 3in1(3 toys 1 pattern) pattern, and the Blobbert/Blobra pattern!
Come on, handmade toys should be as unique and one of a kind as the person you make them for, shouldn't they be? 

(All of our patterns are offered for sale on our website, Zephyr Art website, on Etsy, Zephyr Art Etsy Shop, or (a very cool website we've just discovered), Craftsy.)

...and to help you practice your stitches on your Zephyr Art, or other very original and wonderful new project, here is a gift for you, your very own Zephyr Art Stitch Guide Bookmark!
Click on the 'Free Stitch Guide Bookmark' link below!


  1. I love your stitch guide bookmark! That is sew nifty!

    1. Oh, Liz, you have us in stitches ;)!