Sunday, October 14, 2012

Craft Shows, Bartering and Pocket Keeperoos!

Zephyr Art has been busy as bees this past couple of months! We have: started school with the kids, sold at the TACA Craft in Centennial Park in Nashville, and the White Oaks Craft Fair in Woodbury, TN (where we won a merit award!) and we are preparing for the Ketner's Mill Craft Fair on October 20th and 21st in Whitwell, TN. 

We thought we would share some photos that we bartered for with our friend Sue Christensen. We did a logo for her healthy meal service, Silly Chicks Prepared Meals and she presented us with gorgeous photos starring her adorable granddaughter, Chloe and our newest creative play design, Pocket Keeperoos! 

Sue's Silly Chick

Pocket Keeperoos have pockets to keep those special little treasures, toys, sewing notions (if you are so inclined), gift cards and even iPhones. They have sturdy loops on the tops of their heads so they can be your traveling buddies, hooked onto diaper bags, purses or belts. 

If you want to get out and see some awesome art and beautiful fall foliage, take a little drive to Whitwell and the Ketner's Mill Craft Fair October 20th and 21st! See you there!

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  1. Such a nice entry to your lovely blog! And what an honor to see Chicks' Photo Graphics's photos here! I'll let Chloe know so she can see them, too. By the way, she absolutely loved the Pocket Keeperoo I surprised her with on her birthday. Other mothers were smitten with it as well!

    I have to say, I get so many comments on my Silly Chick's logo. She's quite popular! I have a growing affection to her, too. You do fine work and I really appreciate our opportunity to work together!

    Sending best wishes on your upcoming craft fair to you guys. Rick & I love going to them, but I can't believe that we're going to miss your next show, too! I know you'll do well and the dolls will win over the hearts of many :o)

    Be well ~