Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How to Get Out of Doing One's Chores: Lego Stop Animation

How can a mom steeped in creativity stop the creative process in her child to enforce the 'unload the dishwasher' edict? Arrg. She can't! That is what my kids know about me. :) 
(Honestly, that is what Eppie's kids know about her, too! -Sorry, Epp, secret's out.)

Also: Tell me that a free app is 'cute, creative, adorable, educational, etc.'. -Sure you can get it!

-No, you cannot get the one where you are a contract killer. 

That one always goes last, when I am in the adorable/ educational/ my kids must want to be brilliant app haze. -Sorry, it won't work, boys.

So, while not unloading the dishwasher is very naughty, this beautiful paper towel/watercolor background and intriguing storyline saved her and her phone from getting a grounding. Because she needed it to film the Lego stop animation adventure movie, you know?

Kidding aside, Eppie and I are willingly used thusly by our children because we believe that the celebration of creativity in kids leads to creative thinking (hello, paper sculpture while one should be cleaning the table!). 

Somehow our houses are no messier than other moms' that have children home all day, every day, thank goodness... It probably takes us longer to get them clean, though :). 

I can't wait for the sequel to this Lego underwater adventure. It is scheduled to be filmed when we are supposed to be folding the clothes.

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