Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dragging out the Old Blog Carcass...

Wellllllllll...  We have grown in leaps and bounds this past year!   Remember when we did the logo for Her Point of View... and got to be part of two amazing independent films...
The Upside of Down
and got to work with Emmie Lou Harris and her awesome cousin Pudd at Woofstock?  
Remember when we helped lead an innovative group of young entrepreneurs with our friend Luke Duncan of Eli Mason and did the Pumpkin Fest in Franklin TN?  Remember our loads and loads of fairly bad photos that we subjected you to until we forced ourselves to learn some product photography basics.  Remember our visits to the Entrepreneur Center of Nashville and the mentors we were assigned from SCORE of Nashville, the incredible Cheryl and Joan?  Remember the hours and hours and hours our friend and mentor Michelle Schwantes spent with us, thinking and thinking and thinking and then helping to mold a business?  Remember the first nice website we ever had, designed by our amazing graphic designer/friend Daniel Brown?  Remember when we were finalists in the Martha Stewart American Made Awards and you all stood behind us and faithfully voted day after day for an amount of time that seemed like eternity?  Remember when we spent the week on the Nashville show set...  Remember when we hit record sales this Christmas?  We certainly do.
Wellllllll... We have resurrected this old blog, blown the dust off of it, shook out the cobwebs and recommitted.  We have things to say and progress to report and we have seen this year that you care about us and might not mind lending us a figurative ear.  If you are an old friend, you know that we have faithfully reported on Facebook, Instagram and our old website.  If you are new to the whole Pro Boh world, rest assured, we have not been absent since 2013. :)
Hello to our old friends and welcome to our new!  Here we go into 2015 together!!!    

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