Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Another Language

A friend from Knoxville and her husband came over to Eppie's yesterday and visited with us for a bit. A very welcome break from researching packaging, in fact... As we all talked, of course, the subject of entrepreneurship came up. 

Our friend's husband has had a business in the medical software industry for 15 years, as have we had an art business for that long. He has just gone through the process of rebranding, well, what a coincidence! So have we...

As he described his feelings of excitement mixed with trepidation about the many ways he is shaking up his standard way of doing business, I couldn't help but know exactly what he was talking about. I love how entrepreneurship has a language and set of experiences that can bond the artists, scientists, landscapers, acrobats- anyone who has to be tenacious and GO GET IT themselves! - Julie

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