Monday, February 23, 2015

People That Other People Talk About...

This is a photo of the egg funeral.  Though this egg never had any articles or fun things written about it, we like this photo, and thought it would be fine to just stick it up here at the top of this article about 'living life to its fullest'. RIP egg.

I've noticed that we do a lot of things that, if they don't accomplish any big thing, we brush away by saying, 'Well, at least it's something we can talk about.'
Thing is, there comes a point when that is not enough.  When having a story to drag out at a party or social gathering about some 'fun' thing that we did last week (because we're awesome cool, kick butt artists :)) is not enough.  
I must be getting old.  I just don't have as much fun in the talking anymore.  I want to be doing things that are so mind blowingly awesome that I don't have time to talk about them.  Is it so wrong to say: I want to be doing things that are so undeniably interesting that other people (people that are better equipped and more gifted than I at putting into word the world around them) take time out of their day and open up space in their writings just to talk about me. Wouldn't the world be a million times more interesting if every one of us woke up in the morning and decided that we wanted to be 'people that other people talk about'?


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  2. I was. Its not all that... I would rather people not talk about me and live their lives so I can talk about them. Talk about their awesome lives and how I wish I had the time to do the awesome things they are doing. But I find that the awesome things they're doing aren't nearly as awesome as the things that keep me busy doing things that make impossible for me to do the things I talk about them doing. Well, ok, maybe it is all that. If you're not doing what you love, then just LOVE what you're doing!!!


    1. Haha! Can you see that it still shows your post up there as 'removed'... people will wonder what was so bad we deleted it! :D I will write about you HCat! Whether you would rather it or not! :D

  3. Secretly, those of us that say we would rather talk about others, live lives so others will talk about us. It's just not proper for one to say such things. ;-) (Also, I do notice the delete. Just one more thing for people to talk about. ��)