Monday, August 2, 2010

TN: When Artists Have More Creativity Than Time!

Ahh, the good old days... When having only one child (my Mia, who was such a good little baby girl I could bring her everywhere with me!) and being pregnant with another, meant grand plans and ambitions for large scale art pieces. For instance, a mosaic piece (commemorating Women's History Month) incorporating the donated photos and memorabilia from local residents, mementos that represent a beloved lady: a sister's brooch, a mother's earring, a pen belonging to an aunt, a daughter's button, you get the idea... Zephyr Art, along with our friend Pippa Browne, designed and started this large mosaic art piece that is to stand in the Fly Cultural Arts Center. Another friend, artist Sherri Warner Hunter, who is a renowned mosaic artist, agreed to be our technical 'go to' lady. She turned into much more than that for us! She has lent her time, her studio and her tools. She has also donated many materials. We are very indebted to her generosity! Perhaps she'll need some artistic clothing one day and we can hook her up :)... Anyhoo, this sculpture was initiated in 2007 and due to scheduling conflicts and the like, it remains unfinished. SO, we are pleased to announce that we will be completing this sculpture this month. We will unveil it at the Fly in September at the membership party.

The Unfinished "Vision, Action, Prayer": A Women's History Month Sculpture

Here is the sculpture in one of it's stages. We are on the last leg of the journey now, a few more photographs to go onto the piece and then grouting. We are very excited!! We hope you will join us for the unveiling.

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