Monday, August 9, 2010

Zephyr Art TN: From Store Bought to Totally Unique and Vannoy "Wireman" Streeter

We believe in wearing handmade. Or at least wearing hand-altered. 

I found these fuchsia mary jane's (and some sunny mustard-yellow ones) at Target (for only $9.99) a few days ago. I had the intention of embroidering them and wrapping them with some yummy yarn I purchased while in PA at Olga's yarn shop. So, instead of cleaning today (like I should have) I had the irresistible urge to work on shoes! (Between doing school with the two older kids, of course...)

Here's how I did it, just in case you want to do something similar:

I started by wrapping the strap of the shoe with a beautiful dark blue yarn. Then I sewed a white line down the middle of the strap with the sewing machine as a decorative touch and to secure the yarn in, what I figure, is a high stress area.  
I decided to experiment a bit with the entire design by cutting the shoe into a sandal.  I then wrapped the newly created lower strap with yarn and hand-sewed on some vintage bone buttons, then I secured the sole down to the shoe to make the bottom look solid and reign in the cut edge. (You can see the blue stitching on the front edge of the shoe in the photo below.) I love asymmetry, so each shoe is a bit different, much to the chagrin of my symmetrical daughter Mia. :) 
After... Don't laugh at my funny feet. Just look at the shoes.
I am very pleased with the results, the shoes are comfortable and totally unique. Well worth the effort, I'd say. I am going to wear them to the Vannoy "Wireman" Streeter opening at the Fly Cultural Arts Center tonight. I am so excited to see this world renowned Shelbyville artist's work in such volume! I am also looking forward to enjoying the new and improved gallery space at the Fly. So much excitement!! Join us if you can...

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  1. Great job!! The new ones are waayyyy better ! ; )