Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Zephyr Art TN: Something Is In My House!! And It's Making a Mess...

This morning I caught some strange phenomenon on camera... Let me share it with you.
Ahhh, a nicely made bed. One of the most visible ways to clean one's room. So, that done, I went to clean this:     

            When I went into the kitchen I saw something that I needed to take to the bedroom.

Ahhhhh!!! What happened here? I just walked out for a second!

"Well, this is too mysterious. I will just make the bed again", I said aloud to anyone within ear shot. So, I straightened the covers while hatching a plan to flush out the naughty monkey that messed up my bed. I decided to steal into the bedroom in a bit to see if I could catch the messer (or messers) in action and this is what I saw:

Hmmm. I suspected them all along.
I am not just saying that because I have them on camera.
I knew some lollipop fueled mistchief was in the making.
And, they are naughty monkeys, so it made sense to suspect them.

Clean beds are the hotspot of the house.
Until another room is clean, that is...

So, until the kids move out, I guess photos are as close as I will get to a smooth bed.
And a clean house...

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