Monday, January 17, 2011

Zephyr Art: TN Ruth B. McDowell, Awesome Quilter

Snowy backyard or quilt inspiration? Maybe both!

Ruth B. McDowell is totally inspiring me lately. She is a tremendously talented art quilt maker who has published quilting how-to, pattern and design books and who tours giving workshops. I am reading her books Ruth B. McDowell's Piecing Workshop and Design Workshop. Her work is beautiful and painterly and highly skilled, I have spent way too much time looking at each image. She "paints" pictures with fabrics from her drawings, anything from flowers to animals to people to landscapes, etc. I'm not sure I will ever attempt such masterpieces myself, but I know that her quilts inspire me to more involved designs in quilts and even clothing.

A bit of Amora's quilt
 I am making baby Amora a more traditional-ish quilt - with a Zephyr Art spin, of course. But, now, I want to finish up and get going on a quilt that is more Art than Craft! 

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